Eagle Point Resort as Perfect Company Outing Venue

Eagle Point Resort as Perfect Company Outing Venue

Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas has been popular in conducting corporate events like team building and company outing. Batangas beach resort is a great venue which offers different activities to different companies. Below are the reasons why you should choose Anilao for your next company outing destination!


When work gets a little too stressful and you need a break away from Manila’s traffic, why not go on a quick dive trip to the nearby beach resorts in Anilao, Batangas? Diving offers everything a good weekend adventure can offer but in so much less time.


Let’s count the ways:

It’s unique.


Social media is still ruled by the white beaches of Boracay, Cebu, and Leyte, but scuba diving photos have slowly been popping up now more than ever, thanks to the adventurous souls who have indulged their curiosity of the underwater world. Not a whole lot of people have really experienced diving, so when you meet someone who has, it’s a great conversation starter.

It’s one of the best places in the world for diving!


Anilao was once a sleepy little town in the South of Batangas that exploded onto the diving scene in the 1980s. Diving is such a big part of the barangay’s culture and the economy that it’s hard to imagine what dotted the streets before all the resorts opened up.

Conveniently located only two to three hours away from Manila and known as one of the most biodiverse locations for macro marine life, it’s not hard to see why Anilao is home to our local diving scene. On a single dive you can spot countless beautiful corals and fish, and if you’re lucky, you’ll spot turtles or even reef sharks! If tourists are flying in from all over Asia to dive here, why aren’t you making the two-hour trip?

It’s a great bonding activity.


Diving with friends or co-worker is a great way to try out a new activity. You get to sing in the car on the way there, enjoy the boat rides and witness remarkable underwater scenery together. Relaxing with a cold beer with friends at the end of a long day of diving is one of the best parts of the trip, too!

It’s a mini-adventure all in one!


The early morning wake-up call, the road trip, the stopover, the beach, the marine life, the islands and boat rides—all the things that make a spontaneous out-of-town adventure with friends or co-worker in Batangas beaches! You can decide on a whim to go diving, as long as you’re ready to leave Manila by 6 AM. Trust me, watching the sunset from your view deck in a beach resort in Batangas is the perfect end to a fulfilling day of trying out new things.

It’s great exercise.


You don’t even need a beach body to go diving because you’ll be all covered up with those chic neoprene suits! But a single dive can burn up to 400 calories! With typically three dives per day, that’s a whopping 1,200 calories burned. Perfect excuse to pig out during the lunch buffet.

The food is always spot on.


Diving usually comes with a lunch buffet of fresh seafood and amazing Batangueño cooking. Also, perhaps the best and most affordable ribs in all of Luzon can be found just a few minutes away from all the dive resorts. Johannah’s Grille is home to the famous Baby Back Ribs—so tender they fall off the bone! All divers say that you aren’t a true diver unless you eat here after your day undersea.


How to get there

Take a bus going to Calabarzon.

All major bus liners in Cubao and Taft travel to the Batangas City Terminal. Take a bus bound for Calabarzon to skip all the minor towns.

Travel Time: 2-3 Hours, P120-P180 depending on the bus route.

From the terminal, board a Jeepney bound for Anilao port, the final stop.

Travel time: 40 minutes, P35.

From here, board a tricycle to your preferred dive resort.

Drive to Anilao, Batangas

Take SLEX until the Star Tollway exit

Take Star Tollway until the Batangas City exit

Follow the Bauan – Batangas provincial road to Mabini

Take the Bauan-Mabini Circumferential Road to Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort!!!


Thank you for reading!

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