Budget Friendly Travel to Eagle Point Beach Resort

Recent studies have revealed that this 2018, millennial are the ones planning to travel more compared to all the other generations. But a large portion of this cohort are either fresh college graduates or just a year in on their first jobs; this is the very reason budget-travelling is going higher and higher on the trend ladder.

But what really is budget-travelling?

Budget-travelling is all about spending as little as possible but still getting the most out of every experience. Now if you are a first-time budget traveler and would like to know the ropes, here are a few tips you should keep it mind before you embark on your trip:

  1. Do your research and create an itinerary.

The way to lessen unnecessary and unplanned expenses when you are on your travel adventure is to do research beforehand. Go online and look for must-visit tourist spots, must-try local food, and must-experience activities. Once you have gone through these, list down those that struck your interest and make it part of your travel itinerary.

  1. Learn how to commute.

Since you already have an initial idea of how your trip is going to go, the next thing to know is to find out how to commute to and from each place on your list. Getting lost, while part of the fun and adventure, can also leave a dent on your wallet. Besides gaining knowledge of how to commute, it will be best to have a virtual, offline map on your phone as well; this way, no matter what happens, you could always be sure you have a resource or reference.

  1. Talk to locals.

Once you are at your destination, the best people to talk to in order to learn the most effective way to explore the place are the locals. Find time to communicate with them- you might be surprised with the stories they have. Besides, they can tell you what really is the best way to experience the place.

  1. Go for hole-in-the-wall food stops.

If you are up for a gastronomical adventure, then we suggest you opt out of big and famous restaurants and instead go for hole-in-the-wall eateries. Besides being more budget-friendly, these usually offer more authentic local flavors.

  1. Choose your accommodations wisely.

Besides your flight or bus fare, the one thing that really burns a hole in your pocket is accommodations. But the onset of technology has offered more options for travelers like you. Now, you are not limited to booking hotels because you can search the internet for transient homes, inns, home rentals, and such. Learn to compare and contrast offers; we don’t just mean prices but also amenities, proximity to tourist spots, etc.  

To start your first budget-travel adventure, why not try us out? Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas is just a few hours away from the city and is packed with everything you need for a great tropical vacation!


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