DENR Legal Office has Escaped Manila for a Visit to Eagle Point Resort

DENR Legal Office has Escaped Manila for a Visit to Eagle Point Resort

Batangas beaches is now on the trend when it comes to beautiful beach resorts in Batangas, spas and diving centers. And there is only one that stands out, Anilao! Anilao is now known for one of the country’s most beautiful dive site, now, there is where Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas stand for years. Come and visit us and witness the best biodiversity of marine lives.

Once again we hold the DENR seminar and teambuilding activities for Legal Central Office. The group arrived in the resort on the 11th of December and commence their seminar that runs for a couple of hours. After that, they took their buffet dinner before ending the day.

Ms. Lea coordinated with us, regarding their teambuilding activities on the following day. December 12, they woke up early to take their breakfast and early trip to Sepoc. At around 8:45 AM, we arrived in the Island. Some of them soak on the pristine water of Sepoc.

In a few minutes we started the fun. Firstly, since they don’t have any groupings yet, I created 2 groups by separating the male from female and ask them to count 1 and 2 and so on. Now, we have our groups named Millennial’s and Sexy One.

After the groupings, I gave them 15 minutes to prepare their winning Cheer dance.

Let’s the fun begin!

For the cheer dance competition, the winner will get 10 points.

For this game, the score goes to Sexy One.

Second game was Obstacle Relay with Sack Race:

And the winner for this game was the Millennials.

Third and final game was Longest Line:

The longest team was Sexy One.

After the tiring activities, they have a chance to take their AM Snack, picture taking and swimming.

Since the weather is not that good and bad (So So), we head back to the main resort by around 11:30 AM, also for them to have enough time to rest and take their lunch.

On the same day, DENR played basketball at Balag-bag covered court. Once again, they had 2 teams named “LODI and PETMALU”.

On the first half, the Petmalu is on the lead with 51 points over Lodi with 44 points. On the second half still the Petmalu is on the lead with 4 point, but suddenly the wind course changed so fast that the Lodi left the Petmalu with 7 points, and won the game with 101 over 94.

We came back on the resort and have their PM Snack, hot and warm rice porridge with egg.

After that, they took a quick nap and have their dinner before the night out party.


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