Traveling with your Family this Holy Week

Traveling with your Family this Holy Week

Going on a trip with the whole family can both be great and gruesome for everybody. On one hand, travel is an amazing way to bond and create lasting memories, but on the other hand, the probability of things going wrong is much higher compared to travelling alone, with friends, or with your partner.

The sheer volume of people involved is enough logistics issue, and we are not even talking about the financial aspect of it all just yet. So before summer kicks in and you decide to go on your first family trip this 2018 in Batangas beach, here are a few tips to make sure it will run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Plan ahead.

You remember when you were single and going on spontaneous out-of-town trips were easy? Yup, those days are gone. When travelling with family, planning ahead is your one and only key to victory. And when we say plan, we mean everything- from transportation, accommodation, destination, amenities, food, entertainment- the whole nine yards.

  1. Take everyone into consideration.

If you are going on a travel adventure with an extended family- meaning with little kids, teens, parents, and grandparents- then you should consider everyone’s needs. From food to entertainment during the trip, it’s important that everyone is happy with the way things are going because if not, then that’s when trouble begins.

  1. Choose your accommodations wisely.

Space is a crucial part of a successful family trip. Yes, you may want it to be budget-friendly but if you aim to avoid conflicts due to everyone seemingly being in each other’s way, then it’s best to choose a resort accommodation with enough space for the whole family. If possible, put all the kids in one room but make sure it’s close to another room with adults who can easily check up on them. If you are booking a two-floor accommodation, then we suggest assigning the ground floor room to the grandparents. We highly recommend that when you’re looking for a resort, decide with everyone involved so no unpleasant surprises come your way.

4. Give everyone a time for themselves.

We understand that you are on a family trip so bonding time is essential but you should also realize giving everyone a time of their own will allow them to enjoy the trip more. We recommend agreeing on a specific quality time together but also giving each and everyone the liberty to go on an adventure either individually or in small groups. For your bonding session, make sure to think of an activity that all members of the family will enjoy. For instance, you can’t go on a hiking trip when you know it’s going to be especially difficult for grandma and grandpa, right?

  1. Be patient.
    The reason solo travelling is becoming more and more popular is due to the fact that you only have to worry about yourself. When travelling with family, it’s important to stretch your patience and understand that not everybody will be going on the same pace. Yes, misunderstandings cannot be avoided but it’s nothing a calm conversation could not iron out. Be flexible and make sure to listen and make everyone’s feelings feel validated.

Ready for your next summer family trip? Book with us because we have accommodations that could fit your big family and facilities that will surely be enjoyed by everyone!


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