The Right Way to Travel During Peak Season

The Right Way to Travel During Peak Season

The Holy Week is coming up and most Filipinos plan their vacation around this season. And since this is the longest vacation for workers and students alike, it only seems natural that travelling during this time will cause a number of problems. Worry not, though, because we’re about to tell you just what to do so you can prepare for travelling during peak season like this:

1. Book your accommodations in advance.

Whether you plan to stay in a hotel or in an AirBnB, booking in advance will not only save you money (accommodations are priced significantly higher if you book too close to your stay dates) but it will also save you time. Remember, you will find it very difficult to find a room if you do it right during peak season because chances are, most of the affordable hotels and resorts in Batangas are already fully booked.

2. Do your shopping way a season in advance.
When summer season is over and the chilly -ber months are about to come, most of the major shopping malls drop their prices to sell their summer collection. This is the best time to purchase your holiday essentials- from swimsuits and flip flops to hats, sunglasses, and sunblock.

3. Leave very early.

Roads are extremely busy and incredibly traffic during peak season. If you’re going on a road trip, you’re better off leaving when everybody is still sleeping- in the middle of the dawn or very late at night. If you’re travelling by air, be sure to give yourself enough extra time not just to avoid being left by the plane but also for long queues.

4. Prepare for traffic.

This is especially true if you are travelling by land. Philippines is known for really bad traffic so expect to encounter it one way or another during your beaches in Batangas travel. Since there really is no way to avoid this, what we suggest is to find creative ways to keep yourself entertained during traffic. If you’re travelling with company, come up with fun car games you do, but if you’re travelling alone, have a playlist ready or your favorite movies and TV series on your smartphone or tablet.

5. Have a first-aid kit ready.
Peak season means more people are outside. We’re not trying to be pessimists here but like we’ve mentioned on a previous article, summer season comes with a lot of viruses as well. Make sure to bring a first-aid kit whenever you go on your travels. This should contain not only band-aids but also medicine for coughs, colds, allergy attacks, headaches, stomach flu, and other common illnesses one might encounter. Better safe than sorry.

Keep these 5 things in mind and you’re sure to find yourself less stressed during this very busy season! We hope to see you here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas this summer.


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