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Beach resorts in Batangas in now bombarded with company outing and team building since summer season is a corporate season for Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas. Company outing nowadays becomes very effective tool which develops employee relationships. Good communication is vital for a high performing team. Team building can help break down barriers in communication and also how to better utilize both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.

To support above statement, here’s Zuona Tech Solutions Inc., which celebrates summer season in Eagle Point Beach in Batangas.

(Cheering competition)

The group we’re captured by the natural beauty this beach in Batangas has in combination with customer oriented and well-coordinated staff. Upon arrival they head straight to the most famous team building venue in Batangas, “Sepoc Beach Center” where unique team building activities awaits these lively participants.

The Obstacle Relay with Sack Race

They were divided into two equal groups.

This game becomes tougher when combined with sack race.

Fill in the Drums

Each team members are required to join this game, some of them will going to cover the holes using only their body parts while some is getting water to fill the drums. Isn’t an exciting game?

Please note the we have our own in-house facilitator that will make your company outing and team building extra ordinary and unforgettable.

Sand Castle Making

This is a very basic game but requires a lot of brain cells with the direct heat of the sun, don’t forget to put some sunscreen protection.

If you were them, what are you gonna do with these white fine sand of Sepoc Beach Center?

Thank you for trusting us Zouna Tech Solutions Inc.

As you can see every member of a team has a role to contribute not only during company outing but most specially at work. Being responsible for a role will either ensure it is fulfilled or learning are taken from it to apply for future. Team building will reinforce how taking responsibility and providing responsibility are both vital contributors to team performance. And this is what we believed in Eagle Point Resort in Batangas. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phones and give us a call for a quotation.


Thank you for reading!

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