Sodexo Onsite Annula Company Outing

Team building is the performance of activities to increase levels of communication and camaraderie between a group of people, in order to increase productivity and morale in the workplace. This has been practiced in most of the companies either government or private sectors in the Philippines. And one of the most  visited place for such activities are here in Batangas beaches.

One of which just recently is the SODEXO ON-SITE SERVICES PHILIPPINES INC., which celebrates their annual team building at Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas. A less than a hundred participants enjoyed the beauty of the Sepoc Beach Center while having challenges with the team building activities prepared for them.

They we grouped into four teams, Blue team, Yellow team, Green team and Red team. All grouped equally and accordingly with the help of their HR coordinator.

Upon arrival to Sepoc Beach Center, we had a small talk, introduction of the facilitators and of course explaining the day’s agenda, that is to have fun under the sun in this private Batangas beach.

When everyone noticeably ready for the team building activities we started with the first phase. We call it, Obstacle Relay.

A very easy activity to warm them up for the next and next games. After this round they had a five minute water break and proceed with the next activity.

Now for the second game we have Fill in the Drums.

We know that they’re getting hot not just because of the sun but also because of the challenges they’re facing that is why this next game will make them feel a little fresher.

Expect to get wet in this game!!

Last and final game couldn’t be easy of course.

This game requires endurance, team work and focus. It’s a Flag Hunting is the pathways, sounds easy but I bet its not.

We scattered small flags on the pathways, we hide them to make this activity tougher.

After the games they had their lunch. As requested it was served is boodle fight style.

Have fun reading this article? Get featured by conducting your company’s team building here in Batangas beach resorts. Give us a call for a quotation. Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas is always open and happy to assist you.


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