Social Homes Incorporated Company Outing in Eagle Point Resort

Social Homes Incorporated Company Outing in Eagle Point Resort

We can never deny that beach resort in Batangas is one of the most popular venue for corporate events. Little did we know that Eagle Point Resort in Anilao is one of the leading favorite destination in terms of team building, seminar and company outing.Eagle Point Resort in Batangas as Corporate events venue has been collecting numbers of happy and satisfied returning corporate guests. Remember that the best team building venue for your company is really depends on the goals your team is trying to accomplish, as well as the needs of the particular members in your group.  With that in mind, look how this beach in Batangas, Eagle Point Resort handles team building with a bang!! Here’s an example for you!

We had SOCIAL HOMES INCORPORATED for this year’s company outing, they were consist of 52 participants that will be staying overnight in this beach resort in Batangas.

They had their team building activities at Sepoc Beach Center, right after they arrived at the main resort they we’re asked to prepare themselves and go travel to the said team building venue.

They were given ampule time to prepare for the activities we had for them. Luckily they were already divided into four respective groups with matching color shirts.

First things first, to let them have some good spirits we asked them to perform amazing cheers per team.

We are now ready to introduce our very own team building activities.

First Game: Obstacle Relay with Sack Race

First they had to cross the tires and bent down at the rope.

Put on the sack and jump till you drop!

Going back and tapping the next player.

Second Game: Flag Hunt

With the count of one, two and three they’re go!! As the title says all they need to do is to hunt for the flag, to search for the small flags scattered on the area.

The team with the highest number of flags collected will be the winner. Easy right?

Third Game: Tug – o – war

There is no person who has no idea with this game but it feels different when you do it in the beach in Batangas.

Last Game: Fill in the Drums

This activity goes this way, each team will have designated spots with a drum with 24 holes and a pale.

The first team whose gonna make the water overflows on their drums is the winner without using anything but one pale and body parts to cover the holes.

Yes it sounds easy but when your the one playing, you’ll realize how hard it is to hold on still even if its already hurting you. (hahaha)

Are you looking for a place, a beach resorts in Batangas to get your employees out of the office and show them that they’re appreciated by doing something a little different? Get away from “typical” or potentially boring company outing ideas by providing your team with truly memorable and unique activities in a beach in Batangas especially here in Eagle Point Resort.


Thank you for reading!

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