Four Common Mistakes of First-Time Scuba Divers

Four Common Mistakes of First-Time Scuba Divers

Being a first-time scuba diver can come with a lot of inhibitions, after all, you’re about to explore the deep seas. As a diving resort in Batangas, we here at Eagle Point understand just how nerve-racking it could be when you’re about to take your very first dive so to lessen your fears, we decided to write an article to explain the most common mistakes amateur divers make.

It may seem useless to talk about these things but in reality, knowing what not to do can help in making sure you actually do the right things and avoid any mishaps. Without further ado, here are 4 of the most common mistakes first-time scuba divers make:


  1. Not going through buoyancy checks

If you are a first-time or amateur scuba diver, the first thing you should do before jumping into the water is to do a buoyancy check. This is very important since there are a lot of factors that could affect your buoyancy such as your weight, the wet suit you have on, the water you’re about to dive into, as well as the kind of equipment and gear you have. The reason this is first on our list is because diving when you are incorrectly weighted can result in you having to exert more energy and to increase air consumption which in turn, can directly affect your ascent, descent, and overall dive experience.

  1. Not wearing the right gear and equipment.

What really sets scuba diving apart from other diving activities is the fact that it requires a lot of specific equipment. Unlike free diving or snorkelling, you can’t just dive into the water wearing your bikini or swimming trunks. Scuba dive suits, called wet suits, are designed to provide thermal insulation, abrasion resistance, and of course, buoyancy. Buying the right equipment is also important since you will be relying heavily on these to make your first dive a success. However, if it’s your first dive here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas, we will gladly rent to you the equipment so you can be sure that you’re going in the waters with the right gear.


  1. Not planning your first dive.

In the world of experienced scuba diving, there is such a thing called a dive plan. This is usually a guide created to prepare you, as a diver, on what to expect on your underwater adventure. With a right dive plan, you will know where you are going, the current you will be encountering, the marine life you will be witnessing, the depth of the dive site, as well as any surfacing techniques you need to know. It may seem redundant or insignificant, but a dive plan can save your life and make sure that your first experience will make you want to come back for more.

  1. Not knowing your limits.
    There are two types of first time scuba divers- the first are those who, out of excitement, gets some sort of adrenaline rush enough to make them feel like they can do anything; the second one, are those who are too shy to express their doubts and fears so they tend to not speak out if they have questions or hesitations. Both types are vulnerable to accidents so the best thing really is to know your limits. Listen to your guide or dive master and do not wander off on your own.


Now that you have the knowledge of what not to do, check out our other blogs detailing on what you should do on your first dive. If you’re ready for adventure, just give us a call here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort and we would be more than ecstatic to be part of your first dive!

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