Simple Ways to Be a Responsible Beach Tourist

Simple Ways to Be a Responsible Beach Tourist

The island of Boracay has been the subject of news articles for the past weeks due to the environmental issues it is facing right now.

Amidst this unfortunate event, we here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas thought that it is the perfect time to remind everyone, including you, the many ways we can all help maintain the beauty of our country’s breathtaking beaches. So before summer officially kicks off and you go hit the road with your family and friends for some well-deserved time in the tropics, here are a few things you could all agree and take part on to save our seas.

  1. Mind your plastic products. There have been many videos circulating online showing marine animals entangled in plastic garbage such as a six-pack holder. Remember, plastic is not biodegradable so it will stay in the water forever. Limit your use by investing in reusable bottles, containers, and eco-bags when you go out on a trip to the beach.
  2. Clean up after yourself. Whatever is included in your beach trip’s itinerary, whether it’s scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, or hanging out by the shore with your friends and family, make sure to clean up after yourself. You can even go the extra mile and participate in local beach cleanups; after all, being a beach lover means doing everything you can to preserve its beauty, right?
  3. Don’t buy products that exploit marine life. Here in the Philippines, it’s quite normal to see vendors by the shore selling souvenir items like jewelries, hair accessories, keychains, and refrigerator magnets made out of corals and shells. Refrain from purchasing these products as the creation of these come from the exploitation of various marine life.                     
  4. Support the right causes. It’s comforting to think that more and more hotels and resorts are doing their part to become advocates of responsible tourism. If you can, find time to see if the resort you are about to book makes an effort to be sustainable, eco-friendly, and green. Whether it’s something as big as using solar panels to something small as using paper straws.
  5. Do your research. There is so much you can do if you know where to start. If you’re just starting to become a responsible traveler, you can always go online and search for ways you can help make sure the beaches stay in their pristine condition. Besides that, you can also jumpstart this change by educating yourself about marine life and oceans.

If we truly appreciate and love our seas, then we should not think twice about doing our part and making sure we keep it beautiful and healthy.


Thank you for reading!

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