What to Bring on your First Solo Travel to a Beach in Batangas

What to Bring on your First Solo Travel to a Beach in Batangas

For so long, travel adventures are usually done with company, but now more than ever, solo trips to Batangas beaches are becoming popular especially among millennials.

In this day and age, the younger generation are investing more on experiences than tangible products. So in line with this trend, we decided to publish a blog article to help out first-time solo travelers out there as they venture into a new adventure. We here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas hope that you find this useful because no matter how daunting your first solo trip will be, we promise you it will feel rewarding and fulfilling by the end.

The key to a successful solo travel is all inside your bag. Remember, you do not have anyone to rely on at this particular adventure so it’s not just about packing light but more importantly, about packing smart. And since unexpected inconveniences are much more significant when you are alone, here are a few items you should have with you:

  1. Backpack with padded straps – We find that solo travellers are usually backpackers so if you’re one, it’s crucial that you invest in a good type of bag. We suggest backpacks because two-strap bags distribute the weight more evenly and are less likely to snap. Just make sure that the straps are padded so your shoulders won’t be subject to pain even at times when you have to carry your bag for long periods of time. The best thing about backpacks? It lets you go hands-free so it’s more convenient to navigate and explore.
  2. Scarf or shawl – A large scarf is extremely helpful when you are travelling. You can use it to keep you warm when it’s cold or to keep your head protected when the sun is too high. You can even use it as an extra blanket. This item is extremely versatile even when taken into the context of fashion so having one in your carry-on would be best.
  3. Dry bag – This type of bag is not only useful for going on the beach but also for when your travels are suddenly met with rainy weather. A dry bag is something you can rely on to protect your electronics from getting wet either from the rain or from other forms of splashes you may encounter. This is where you can keep your phones, powerbanks, wireless speakers, earphones, and digital cameras.
  4. Anti-bacterial wipes – Whether it’s for cleaning your hands after going to public restrooms or to just generally keep you refreshed after a day of walking around, anti-bacterial wipes can be used for many purposes. It’s important that you keep your hands clean; after all, you do not want your travel plans abruptly go out of schedule just because you suddenly got sick.
  5. First-aid kit – This is something we definitely recommend to all types of travelers. A first-aid kit will come in handy for emergency instances- from scraping your knee while trekking to experiencing sea  sickness when you’re on a boat, having a first-aid kit means preparing for whatever may come. This is something you’re better of having and not needing than needing and not having.

  1. Information card Since you are travelling solo, make sure to have an information card ready on your bag tag and wallet. You can use an index card and pentel pen to write your name and a contact person in case of emergency together with their contact details.

There you go! We understand that your first time travelling solo in Batangas beaches can be quite scary but we hope that with these, we were able to make it less fearful and more exciting!


Thank you for reading!

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