What to Look for in a Batangas Getaway Destination

If you are looking for a quick getaway from the fast-paced, too-demanding life in the metropolis, then having a short, well-deserved vacation in one of Batangas’ best beach resorts is what you need.

Of course, to make it a successful respite, there are quite a few things to look for before booking your few days off in this city. To make sure you have a no-hassle rest and relaxation time in Batangas, here’s what you should be checking before taking your leave:

The destination

Batangas resorts is one of the many popular beach destinations in the Philippines for city-dwellers in search for a time away from the boring walls of the office. The city is home to many beach resorts and diving spots but of course, each place has something different to offer.

First, determine exactly what you actually want to see or experience in your vacation. This way, you can start taking a few places off your list that don’t meet your requirements. If you’re searching online, make sure to check the gallery page so you can have a real look on the beach itself. Check out the sea, the sand, and the marine creatures you could witness especially if you consider a dive. You could also find out if you can hold bonfires or camp out on the beach.

The accommodations

Once you are good with the beach destination, now is the time to look for accommodation. Whether it’s for an overnight stay or a whole weekend of work leave, you are out for a vacation so it should feel like one. There have been many horror stories of beach resorts not living up to their promises of a warm bed, good food, and hotel-like rooms. To avoid being part of this dissatisfied statistic, it’s best to, again, ask for photos of the accommodations. Of course, photographs cannot tell the whole truth so the next best thing you can rely on is…

The reviews

The beauty of living in this digital time and age is the fact that every information you need is available online. Since images of the resort and its accommodations are not something you can fully trust, you could always read client reviews and get an honest preview from someone’s first-hand experience. Make sure to not just consider the bad reviews but the good ones as well and learn how to weigh in their comments. If you are lucky, maybe you have someone you know who could actually share a few stories of their experience and suggest a beach resort in Batangas that could offer the best experience with the best rates.

The amenities

Every beach resort in Batangas has a few similarities but there are some who could offer what others could not. Some has a bar and restaurant so you have 24/7 easy access to food and liquor, some are a short boat ride away from famous diving spots in the area, a few have spa amenities for those looking to indulge in a massage, while others have billiards tables and basketball rings for barkadas in search for a friendly competition. Whatever floats your boat, we’re pretty sure there’s a beach resort in Batangas that could cater to exactly what you need for a memorable vacation.

The activities

Okay, you have the place pegged in but if you’re part of those going out on a vacation not just for relaxation but for unforgettable, adrenaline-pumping activities, then you should take that into account as well. Of course, Batangas is known for being a great spot for water activities such as diving and snorkeling so we suggest you try those out, too. The oceans are teeming with colorful corals and amazing marine life so that’s something you should definitely not miss.

Now that you know what to look for to experience the best Batangas has to offer, then why not go around our website and check those out. We have a great beach, great amenities, breathtaking views, spa, billiards, and a function room, as well as the perfect spot for diving. You could also read reviews about us in Trip Advisor and a few bloggers who have nothing but good words for us. Once you’re done, we’re going to be just here waiting for you too book a night or two! See you soon!


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