Why Resorts in Batangas are The Ideal Holiday Destination

Why Resorts in Batangas are The Ideal Holiday Destination

It’s easy to understand why Batangas beach resort is such a draw for holidaymakers with the endless shorelines and idyllic sunsets. With the peak season maxing out capacity at 100% during April, it leaves those whimsical waves wide open for the December crowd. Slightly cooler than the rest of the year with a higher chance of precipitation and humidity, this is the ideal time for those from cooler destinations to soak up the warmth of the Philippines and take part in the local activities.

Endless Enjoyment and Jam Packed Activities

While the holidays might not be a peak period for tourists, the beaches of Batangas are still packed during this period. Local municipalities are gearing up for the holiday crowd with 38 new recruits filling out their bathing suits and keeping an eye on sunbathers. The Batangas beaches offer more than just the opportunity to work on that tan, as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, paddle skiing, kite surfing, and diving session keeps the crowds busy. Batangas also happens to house a rich snorkeling culture in Anilao to showcase the pristine preserved shorelines with its abundance of sea life.

Time To Take Up A New Hobby

While the Philippines is not really known as a surfing destination, there are pretty good waves that roll in from time to time. Surfing is popular across the globe and for those who have always wanted to learn how to ride the perfect wave, learning this skill over the holidays is a good time to start. By learning from professionals, surfers are able to hone their skills in a safe environment, with a watchful eye always ensuring that safety tips for the water and swimming are in place.

A Mini Adventure On A Nearby Island

Volcano Island is an absolute must for those who wish to make the most of their holiday. A short boat trip takes travelers to the island, with the boat trip an adventure on its own. Once on the island, it’s time to explore every nook and cranny while taking full advantage of the hiking trail. Taal Volcano can also be reached via horseback for those who wish to flex their equestrian muscles. Puffs of steam are known to escape through nooks and crannies with the potential of getting hot enough to burn your feet.

Batangas province is an unforgettable destination and for those visiting the Philippines, a stop at this destination is a must. Nature provides the best playground to visitors who are only too happy to make the most of it.


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