US Embassy 2018 Team Building at Eagle Point Resort

US Embassy 2018 Team Building at Eagle Point Resort

Most of our days in a week are spent inside one room with our workmates. Sometimes we even bond more with them than to our family, because that is the normal setting here in the Philippines with five working days a week. It is true that we must separate our personal and professional lives when it comes to working with other people. But it is also true that it is easier to work with people that you actually like and really have fun being around. And here is where regular or annual team building becomes important. Team building activities has been very popular especially for groups, organizations and even workers to improve their relationship with one another and create a bond like never before.

Looking for a resort with a beautiful stretch of Batangas white sand that also offers its own professional team building facilitators? Look no further. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas can make sure that your company will have a fun-filled experienced on the beach while learning important lessons to be brought back to the office.

Batangas is a very popular beach location in the Philippines. Located in Southern Luzon, people come in throughout the year for its diving spots, pristine waters, fine, white sand beaches and awesome Batangas beach resorts.

Here’s a fresh example.

US Embassy, Arrived at the resort before noon and head straight to Sepoc Beach Center, a popular team building venue in Batangas for their whole day activities.

We arrived safe and sound. Everybody seemed to be excited for the day’s activities. We have this beautiful Batangas beach for ourselves only, lucky this team. 🙂 They was divided into two groups, Blue Team and Red Team.

First Activity: Flag Hunting

We had scattered flaglets in different colors around for them to find, the group who’ll searched with the most number will win.

Second Activity: The Amazing Sand Obstacle Relay

Each team member has to get through with the obstacles. It has three levels, the first team to finish the whole course with all its members will win.

Last Activity: Fill in the Drums

We positioned two big drums with 24-holes each near the shoreline. All they need to do is to fill it with water and make it overflow.

The first team to make the drum fill with water and make it overflow will win.

Take the hassle out of your next team building in Batangas beach resort. Contact us for a quotation!


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