How to Maximize your Long Weekend in Batangas’ Best Getaway Places

With 2018 already having an official list of special and non-working holidays, a lot of you are probably already looking for ways to maximize your long weekends in some beaches in Batangas. Well, no need to rack your brain for ideas because we have this article for you!

Since we are a popular beach and diving resort in Batangas, you can trust us to know exactly what we are talking about. It would be helpful for you to know that a significant number of our guests are city dwellers looking for a quick tropical getaway. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to make sure to really get the most out of your next long weekend beach resort in Batangas:

  1. Get a change of scenery.

Besides the workload that has us feeling drained, the hectic schedule that keeps us feeling frantic, and the gridlock traffic that leaves us bored and irate, the views of our desks and the city can be tiring sometimes. Let’s face it, we spend more time in the office than our own homes and that’s really not okay. For the long weekend, why not take a break from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis? Replace buildings and skyscrapers with trees and mountains, and the cars and hurried paces with the ocean. A change of scenery even for a short period of time will make your feel recharged, re energized, rejuvenated, and refreshed enough to take on another week of work.

  1. Do not go too far.
    The worst way to spend your long weekend is being stuck in traffic trying to get to a particular out-of-town destination. We suggest you to do not go too far from the city or you might find yourself having spent almost a day on the road, that’s 24 hours you could have spent already sinking your toes on the sand, taking in the sun, and enjoying the ocean. A long weekend is like a mini-break so opt for tropical destinations that are close to the metro like us here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas or Pansol at Laguna. You can even go trekking at Antipolo or visiting the Botanical Gardens at Los Banos.

  1. Choose a day trip or stay overnight.
    Long weekends usually involve the weekend plus one more day off, three days in total. And as much as you want to use all those three days out of town, going back to work without enough rest can leave you feeling even more tired compared to how you were before the long weekend kicked in. If you follow tip number two and choose a destination that’s not too far from the city, then you could go for an overnight trip and have the last day of the long weekend be a rest day before you head back to work.
  2. Go solo.                                                                                                                                                                                Nothing can make a spontaneous trip take longer to execute than planning it with a group of people. On the next long weekend, why not try going solo? If you’re going to go somewhere near, it’s a great way to start falling in love with travelling alone. There are many perks to it, too- you don’t have to wait for or mind anybody else, your time is yours, you can go whenever and wherever you want to go, eat whatever you want to eat, and take a well-deserved break from the noise of the city.
  1. Don’t bring work.
    This doesn’t need to be mentioned but with majority of us tied to work even on weekends, the best way to maximize your next long weekend is to really leave work behind. Make sure to inform your immediate head and your colleagues that you will be going away from a quiet retreat somewhere tropical and will not be able to address any concerns about work on that time. Your long weekend/ mini-break won’t feel like one if you bring a laptop to do work because instead of focusing on the scenery, you’ll be hooked on your device trying to reply to emails.

Voila! If you are still unsure of where to go on your next long weekend, you are welcome to visit us here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas! Besides the beach and its colorful underwater life, our resort also has features designed to make your every stay worthwhile! See you!


Thank you for reading!

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