Citihomes Summer Outing at Eagle Point Resort

Summer is here! We can already feel the heat. This time of the year are the best times to spend it in the beach. This is a start of company outings and team building planning in corporate world. One of the most popular company outing venue is here at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas which offers wide range of services and high quality experience.
We’ve become this year’s team building venue of Citihomes Builder and Development inc. The group arrived last March 16, 2019 with total of 136 active employees.

man off board to the shore
Arrival to Sepoc Beach Center

Everybody was amazed by the beauty of Sepoc Beach Center upon arrival. Eagle Point Resort owned this private land in Maricaban Island. This is exclusive only to our guest.

Furthermore, we may now proceed to the team building activities. Divided into four teams accordingly. Teams are The Hunters, Money One, Money Two and Path Finders.

Before we start with the main activities we asked each teams to present a short introduction of their teams in a form of cheering. Within 10 minutes preparation. The best way to introduce yourselves is by cheering.

Finally they we’re all ready! Welcome to Sepoc Beach Center, a famous Batangas Beach destination!

group of people wearing black lifting on the sand
Team The Hunters!!
Singing all together, wearing green
The Money One!!
A group of people in yellow and white shirt dancing
The Path Finders!!
A group of people wearing green clapping all together
The Money Two!!

Team Building Activities

In this case, we will now proceed with the main activities. First on the list is the Flag Hunt. Flag-lets are scattered along the pathways. Each teams representative has to search for it, the teams with greater number of flag-lets is the winner.

Group of men looking for flag-let
Flag Hunt

Next is our Obstacle Relay. A series of obstacle we’re set up on the shore consist of tires, ropes, chairs and a pale.

A man in green shirt doing limbo
Obstacle Relay

Third activity is Sand Castle Making. Each was judged based on the castle’s height, creativity and presentation. One representative each team was asked to explain their castle’s.

Group picture with sand castle
Sand Castle Making

Finally, last but not the least. Our last team building activity, Fill in the Drums. Each team has to fill the drum with water using one pale, each drums has a total of 24 holes to be covered.

A group of people filling the drum with water
Fill in the Drum

Planning this year’s company outing? Call us for quotation!


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