When’s the Best Time to Visit a Beach in the Philippines?

When’s the Best Time to Visit a Beach in the Philippines?

As easy as it is to say that anytime is the best time to visit a beach in the Philippines—because friendly locals, rich cultural heritage, breathtaking sights, and delicious food are available here all year round—your enjoyment may be based on timing. Timing is a factor that can manifest in everything from the weather, to the number of people surrounding you, to the funds that you have in your pocket. If none of these are at their ideal, then your enjoyment may be bogged down by lack of time, long hours spent in transit, a limited budget, and tight crowding.

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Perhaps it’s best, then, to rephrase the question: what can ensure the best timing for my beach trip to the Philippines? To answer that, here are five factors to base your timing on—and to help you achieve maximum gratification on your beach trip.

  1. When you’re free to maximize the time for the activity you choose. Come to the beach with an agenda, and do everything you can to fulfill it. Good organization skills and a sense of focus will pay off during your beach trip, especially when you decide how many days you can allot for it. For example, if casual lounging and wading are all that you’re after, then you can go to any nearby beach for a day trip or an overnight stay. But if you have the goal of learning how to dive, and acquiring a scuba diver’s license, you should prepare to spend at least a few days at a beach and diving resort in Batangas or other diving mecca. The more wiggle time you have in your trip schedule, the less regrets you’ll have about heading to the beach!
  2. When you can score good travel and accommodation promos. A little patience, plus a little time spent in the loop of the travel industry, may yield big savings (thousands of pesos’ worth) to your travel budget. Some ways to net such promos are by subscribing to an airline’s mailing list, downloading a travel app that can notify you of sales, or visiting a website that advertises discounted travel packages. If the timing is right, you can accept one of these promos and hit the beach for considerably less than peak price.
  3. When the weather is good. Weather is another important factor in scheduling a beach trip. Although it’s a good idea to avoid the beach during the peak summer months (March to May), it may not be wise to travel in the middle of typhoon season (June to August) lest you get relegated back indoors—or worse, get stranded or put yourself at risk of drowning in a strong current. It’s a wise idea to plan your trip during the relatively quiet, but still sunny months of November (after Undas, or the Halloween, All Saints’, and All Souls’ holidays) and January (after the Christmas revelers have gone).
  4. Outside of the conventional holiday season. On the subject of holidays, you might want to stay at home when you know that everyone else will be traveling en masse. The Christmas and New Year holidays will likely bring big crowds to the beaches, as well as to the airports and highways. The same can be said of Holy Week and Labor Day. If you don’t want to deal with the competition, then you can schedule your beach trip outside of these holidays—perhaps when a family member is visiting from abroad, or when you have a special occasion to celebrate.
  5. At the cusp of a festival or other special event you’re looking forward to. Conversely, if you don’t mind crowds and you actually enjoy big festivities, then you might want to plan your beach trip to coincide with a fiesta, a music festival, or a big sporting event in the area. Some examples that come to mind are the annual Malasimbo Music Festival in Puerto Galera and the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Both travel sites anticipate an energetic crowd of tourists for their events, and while they’re there, people can enjoy the beautiful beaches in the vicinity.

Hope you can get the timing right, and reap the possibilities for your upcoming beach trip. Best of luck, safe travels, and have some spectacular fun in the sun!


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