6 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs Team Building Activities

6 Reasons Why Your Workplace Needs Team Building Activities

Many company will set aside at least one overnight occasion for their yearly team building activities. Though some regard it as a superfluous expense, or just a glorified vacation in the guise of an office-sanctioned event, there are still many good things to attribute to the traditional team building session. For one, there is actually nothing wrong with gifting members of your team with some much needed R&R, as they are already busy the rest of the year; for another, team building helps the company’s leadership and workforce alike develop new perspectives on their role and purpose in the workplace.

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There are several elements that play into a team building activity’s success. Of course, location is key; you’ll want to make a reservation somewhere quiet but roomy, such as a beach resort in Batangas. You’ll also need to plan around the demographic of the event’s attendees, choosing activities that are fun and stimulating but not too physically stressful on older or sicklier members.

But once you have the planning and reservation details down, you’ll find that much good can come out of your company’s next team building—and that your team members will return from the occasion refreshed and re-energized to work. Below are some of the valuable takeaways that can be had from team building activities.

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  • They reintroduce company members to goal-setting and goal fulfillment processes. Most team building activities involve relays, scavenger hunts, and other related tasks. Though these are different from the everyday duties your team members complete from their desks, they still pertain to planning, achieving, and following through on set goals. While accomplishing these tasks during the team building activities, team members may come away with valuable insights that they can replicate at work.
  • They foster camaraderie outside of the office setting. Your teammates may get along just fine in the office, but they’re also restricted by the polite and formal constraints of their 9-to-5 schedule. A team building cum R&R session is a great time for everyone to speak candidly, joke around, and bond with each other. After an experience like that, you can rest assured that goodwill among the group exists both inside and outside of the office’s walls
  • They are opportunities to strengthen teamwork and leadership skills. Team building is also a great avenue for the attendees to try being leaders, test different leadership approaches, and survey the different roles everyone can take on in a team. As a group, you can realize which leadership styles work for you, which people will perform well in certain jobs, and what everyone can contribute toward the success of the entire team.
  • They are avenues to teach creative problem solving. In the office, your team members likely rely on the same problem solving approaches to get them through their day. But during team building, they can face new obstacles that require a break from their ordinary way of thinking. When back at the office, you can encourage them to solve problems in ways that are just as resourceful and out-of-the-box.
  • They can help improve the team’s communication skills. During team building, members of your crew can practice how to convey things clearly to each other, how to spot and resolve conflict, and how to earn each other’s trust. Having a testing ground to talk, process a situation, and affirm each other—even in an activity as simple as a team game—will improve their working relationships with each other back at your HQ.
  • They encourage team members to celebrate and harness their individuality. Interesting aspects of a team member’s personality may also surface during team building activities. They might prove themselves to have a healthy competitive spirit, to be nurturers, or to be passionate about certain tasks in ways you didn’t already know. Team building can bring people’s true personalities out of the woodwork, and some of those individual traits will help the office thrive as a whole.

Ultimately, team building activities are a whole lot of fun, and they’re a means to spark creativity, leadership potential, and productivity outside of the boundaries of the office. Treat your team to a couple of days away from the workplace, and come back together as a stronger unit than ever!



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