Why Go On a Seaside Holiday During Rainy Season? 

In the Philippines, the month of June officially marks the beginning of the rainy season, the start of classes, and the end of the second business quarter. In the absence of the scorching heat waves that characterized the dry season, a quick vacation to a beach resort in Batangas or other nearby tourist hub may seem like a far-off fantasy. But in fact, there are many reasons to hit the beach and its surrounding townships; the decision to go on a seaside holiday during the monsoon, rather than during the summer season, may prove to be practical as well as enjoyable.

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In other words, don’t let a light drizzle dampen your wanderlust! Here are five good reasons to plan your next beach escape during the rainy season.

  • It may be significantly cheaper to go to the beach during the off-season. Airlines, travel agencies, resorts, and tour operators all anticipate a slight drop in their customer engagements by June. A number of them host sales or release discounted packages to compensate for it. If you scour through travel sites, apps, or mailing list subscriptions, you might be able to net thousands of pesos in savings for activities like scuba diving, island hopping, or beachside camping.
  • The roads are less populated with like-minded travelers. Outside of an actual rainstorm, there’s less of a chance that you’ll encounter the dreaded summer holiday “carmageddon” on the Philippines’ main roads. You can spend less time sitting in traffic and butting heads with peak-season vacationers, and more time on the beach itself. Just don’t forget to tune into your local weather reports and heed the forecasts on storms and flash floods!
  • The surf’s up, and the waves are rolling. The wind, rain, and cool temperature all stoke the ocean waves to hit some gnarly heights. To those who love watersports like surfing, skimboarding, windsurfing, or jetskiing, the monsoon ocean is their playground. If you’re one such watersports aficionado, it’ll be a good time to cruise waves that have some serious shape—just make sure you’re within range of your instructor and the beach’s lifeguard, and they’ve cleared you to go out into the open water.
  • You’ll have the sun, sand, the space all to yourself. If you’re more the classic beach bum type, and you’ve been seeking out a quiet and restful environment on the beach, then you’re likely to find it during the lull of the rainy season. Free of its usual crowds, your chosen beach destination will yield more space for you to stretch your legs, relax, and soak up the sun. The cloudier days of the rainy season also make it safer for you to sunbathe; in these instances, the amount of UV radiation going to the surface is less than that on a very sunny day. Regardless, don’t scrimp on your sunscreen and your skincare regimen!
  • It’s a great time to enjoy indoor attractions as well as outdoor ones. For the hours that you can’t be on the beach, you can visit the locality’s indoor attractions. If you’re in a beachside province as culturally rich as Batangas, you’ll be able to travel to churches, museums, famous food establishments, and other heritage markers either by driving your own car or by taking public transport. Take suggestions from your hosts, join a tour group, or just ask the locals outright about where you can go—and you’ll be treated to the friendliness and hospitality that Filipinos are famous for.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys unplugging from your busy life, regardless of whether it’s sunny or raining outside, then a seaside holiday during the rainy off-season may do you a lot of good. It’s the perfect opportunity to get in touch with yourself, have a radical time with your company, and be one with your destination’s nature and culture. Rain or shine, go pursue the beachside getaway you’ve been dreaming of!


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