5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Christmas by the Beach

For many people in other parts of the world, the mention of Christmas time usually evokes images of snowflakes, snow-covered trees, families gathering around a crackling fire, and snowmen. For Filipinos, however, Christmas is less about the cold season and more about gastronomic celebrations, gift-giving, and holiday cheer. The absence of a winter season means we have to look for creative ways to enjoy the holidays in a tropical climate.

Christmas at the Beach Can Be a Blast!

The tradition for many families is to spend Christmas at home. While there’s nothing wrong with this practice, why not try breaking the tradition this year? Throw your family a Christmas celebration they’ll never forget by bringing them to a popular seaside destination, such as a beach resort in Batangas or in the Southern part of the country.

Below are the top reasons why the beach can be the perfect spot to spend the holidays with your loved ones:

1. You leave the holiday stress at home.

Approaching the end of the year, things can get a little stressful. It may be from the pressure to wrap things up at work or from the financial obligations to send money to family members. Everyone deserves a break from the holiday shopping and preparation madness. Instead of hosting a fancy party or attending other people’s Christmas celebrations, you can relax at the beach with the people you love the most. No stress, no obligations, no fancy parties. Just you, your family, and the sand between your toes.

2. It’s a nice getaway from the cold weather.

If you’re visiting the Philippines from a country that has winter, then the beach is an even more lucrative option for the holidays. Store away your heavy coats, jackets, scarves, and mittens, and pack your sandals, swimsuits, and sunscreen.

While other people are turning pale from the snow, you’ll be greeting them with a sun-kissed tan and plenty of exciting stories about your beach Christmas in the Philippines.

3. You can usually score a better deal.

Resort owners know that Christmas is a great time to attract guests, and they often break out their best deals right around the end of the year with the hope of enticing more customers. This is the perfect chance for you to save some cash. Because many people choose to celebrate Christmas at home, resorts are often less crowded during the holiday season, which means that you may even get to enjoy more privacy and more access to amenities.

4. It’s a great place to create unique and lasting memories.


For many people, the beach continues to be that one place that never fails to create happy memories no matter when you decide to visit. You have plenty of options for fun water activities that can give your family members a blast. Kids, grandparents, and young couples—everyone can have a great time regardless of their age.

5. It’s a different kind of “White Christmas” experience.

In case you or your kids do like snow, then you won’t be missing out on a lot at the beach. Instead of making a snowman, you can hold competitions to create the best Christmas-inspired sandman. You can even add a tropical touch by making your sandman wear coconut shells on the chest and coconut tree leaves around the waist to make it look like a Hawaiian dancer.

A Beach Christmas May End up Being Your Family’s New Tradition

Christmas can indeed be celebrated anywhere. As long as you have your loved ones with you, or are in touch with them for the holidays, it still counts as a special moment. Taking the family to the beach, however, can truly be a remarkable and unique experience. In fact, it may just end up being your family’s new favorite Christmas tradition.


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