5 Best Family-friendly
Activities You Can Do on
Sepoc Island


Beach games for the entire family

You can just relax under the shade of the trees or in the nipa huts, play relay games and team sports, and keep your young ones entertained by digging in the sand.

Trekking around the beach and sightseeing

This side of Maricaban Island features more than a lovely beach; it also has woodsy areas and slopes where you can stretch your legs for a few minutes.

Eating the freshest catch of the day

The quality of the food, the serene atmosphere, and the picturesque views will make for one memorable lunch that your family members will look back on with fondness.

Snorkeling and diving

The body of water around Maricaban Island is incredibly diverse, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see fish and other marine animals without straying far from the shore.

Paddleboating and other water activities

If your little ones are a little bit nervous in the water, you can try out other water activities, like paddleboarding.