Best Batangas Beach Resort for Team Building Venue

One of the most awaited events when you are working in a company, is the annual outing or team building. It is an essential part of the corporate world. One of the leading company outing and team building destinations nowadays are the beaches of Batangas and its welcoming Batangas beach resorts. 

Team building in an office helps to foster better and open communication between the employees themselves, as well as between the employees and the higher management. It goes a long way in improving professional relations, understanding and co-operation, and this is very much reflected in the quality of work being done. Team building in the workplace significantly contributes towards employee motivation and building trust among the employees, thereby ensuring better productivity.

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Need some inspiration for your next company outing and team building? Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas is here to give you some best tips and ideas on how to make the most on your annual company outing and team building.

1. Brother Philippines Inc.

Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas has been served several companies for their annual outing one of which is the Brother Philippines Inc, a leading printer company not only in the Philippines but around the world. Consist of 157 participants with its employees and their families as well will stay for a night in this beach resort.

Arrived at 9 in the morning last October 12, 2018. Upon arrival they were welcomed with a refreshing drink and a lei, head straight to the luggage area and proceed to the port to go to Sepoc Beach Center for their team building.

At the Sepoc Beach Center, before we start with the team building activities, their AM snack has been served first.

Let the games begin!

Sand Castle Making

They were already divided into six teams with eleven members each.

The criteria for judging in this game are 50%- creativity, 25%- height and 25%- presentation. The winner in sand castle making is the maroon team because they’re able to create the tallest and most creative castle with precise interpretation.

Fill in the Drums

We gave them one drum and one bucket. The mechanics of the game is, they need to fill the drum using of one bucket but the twist is the drum  has 24 holes. They can cover it with body parts only.

The winner is the team green.

After 2 games they decided to take their lunch because they are really hungry and no power.

Raft Making

We give them 12 bamboo’s and 3 ropes, they need to make a raft or balsa then they will bring it to the sea and one or their team has to stand or sit at the raft that they did, if the raft didn’t sink after 10 seconds the team will win.

The winner on this game in the maroon team.

          2. JP Morgan Chase Bank Philippines

Way back summer we had JP MORGAN CHASE BANK and CO., an American multinational investment bank and financial services company headquartered in New York City to have their unforgettable summer outing in Batangas beach resort.

Arrived at the resort in the morning and head straight to Sepoc Beach Center where exciting team building activities awaits.

First activity is Obstacle Relay

Second activity is Sand Castle Making

Last activity is Fill in the Drums

          3. Frontrow International

Just this summer, one of many corporation we had is FRONTROW INTERNATIONAL, a well-known networking company all over the Philippines. The group arrived just in time, about nine in the morning, had their luggage placed at the designated area, sip on their welcome drinks and head on to the boat going to Sepoc Beach Center.

Upon arrival to this paradise-like beach in Batangas we had them ready for the team building activities prepared just for them. They were given enough time to change their clothes and put sunblocks on.

First Game: Sand Castle Making

One of the most common games in a typical Batangas beaches with a fine sand on it.

How we judge them? Based on their explanation, creativity and teamwork.

Second Game: Fill in the Drums

They simply need to fill the drums with water from the sea using only one pale per team, first team to make the water overflows will win.

Third Game: Raft Making

One of the most challenging activity we have is this raft making wherein they have to make a raft with the given materials such as bamboo’s and rope and make this raft float in the water for ten seconds with one person on it.

Here they go…

Last Game: Longest Line

I bet everyone already had an idea with the longest line by the title itself. 🙂 Take of your clothes and you’ll win.

4. Sodexo

which celebrates their annual team building at Eagle Point Beach Resort in Batangas. A less than a hundred participants enjoyed the beauty of the Sepoc Beach Center while having challenges with the team building activities prepared for them.

They we grouped into four teams, Blue team, Yellow team, Green team and Red team. All grouped equally and accordingly with the help of their HR coordinator.

Upon arrival to Sepoc Beach Center, we had a small talk, introduction of the facilitators and of course explaining the day’s agenda, that is to have fun under the sun in this private Batangas beach.

When everyone noticeably ready for the team building activities we started with the first phase. We call it, Obstacle Relay.

A very easy activity to warm them up for the next and next games. After this round they had a five minute water break and proceed with the next activity.

Now for the second game we have Fill in the Drums.

We know that they’re getting hot not just because of the sun but also because of the challenges they’re facing that is why this next game will make them feel a little fresher.

Expect to get wet in this game!!

Last and final game couldn’t be easy of course.

This game requires endurance, team work and focus. It’s a Flag Hunting is the pathways, sounds easy but I bet its not.

We scattered small flags on the pathways, we hide them to make this activity tougher.

After the games they had their lunch. As requested it was served is boodle fight style.

         5.  DOH’s Research Institute for Tropical Medicine

DOH’s Research Institute for Tropical Medicine stayed for overnight in this Batangas beach resort for their annual team building and company outing in a beach resorts in Batangas, Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort. The group arrive around 11 in the morning and head straight to Sepoc Beach Center.

Eyes wide open with shocked on their faces as they witness the beauty of Sepoc Beach Center, pristine water, a white sand beach in Batangas welcomes our beloved guests.

We arrived almost 12 in the afternoon that’s why we served lunch first before we start with our team building activities.

After having lunch and having enough time to rest we started the team building activities.

First is we divide them into three respective groups with equal number of members.

First activity is Fill in the Drums, instructions are given to them to simply fill the drums with holes with salt water using one pail for each team.

This team gets to fill the drum fastest, you can see how happy they are 🙂

Next is Flag Hunting

And last but not the least is Obstacle Relay

6. Daikyo International Philippines Inc.


It’s still summer at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas and its never too late for Daikyo International Philippines Inc. to have their company outing.

They booked and arrive last May 20, 2017. A day full of fun to each and every member of this company. The group arrrive around 9:30 in the morning and head straight to Eagle Point Resorts’ famous team building venue, Sepoc Beach Center where their team building activities and delicious meals are waiting.


Upon arrival we had a brief introduction and they had their morning snacks. After that we proceed with the team building activities.

They were divided into four groups:









Before we start with the proper team building activities we asked them to composed a cheer which will represent each teams. And after that each team presents their muses and escorts.



After their cheers and presentation of muses and escorts per team, they started with the proper team building activities. First they played flag-hunting, Green-credibles got 640 points, pink-telligent 630 points, brown out 410 points and last navy-gators 210 points.


Next game was Obstacle Relay, they had to passed the series of tires, undergo through the rope and turn around on the chairs. Navy-gators got to finish first followed by the 2nd Green-Credibles then 3rd Pink-Telligent and lastly the Brown-out.


Its half time break, they all had their lunch.



Fuel up for more activities to come, the day hasn’t ended yet.


After having their lunch, they rested for a bit and then proceed to the team building activities.


The third game was the sand castle making they had to build some good ideas.

Team work creativity and originality for the sand castle making Green-credibles got total of 96 points while D’ Navy-Gators got total of 94 points then Brown-out got total of 92 points and lastly Pink-Telligent got total of 90 points.


Each team has one representatives to explain their sand castles.


The last game was the filling the drums.

1st  Green-credibles


2nd Pink-telligent


3rd Brown-out


4th Navy-gators


7. JFE Techno Manila

One of the companies who have been served by this Batangas beach resort is the JFE TECHNO MANILA, an engineering company in Pasig, Manila.

Upon arrival at the resort, they had their welcome drinks at the lobby and proceed to the luggage area to leave some of their stuff before going to Sepoc Beach Center. Sepoc Beach Center will be their team building activities venue, a private land in Maricaban Island which owns by Eagle Point Resort in Batangas and exclusive only to its guest.

We started the team building activities right after they arrived at Sepoc Beach Center before they had their lunch. They were divided into two groups, all men with 10 members each.

First Game: Obstacle Relay with Sack Race

Next activity is for physical strength, Tug-o-war

And finally, the last but not the least team building activity that Eagle Point Beach Resorts in Batangas offer is Fill in Drums.

8. Triple Jam Stone

Triple Jam Stone experienced a wide range of activities in this Batangas beach resort and like other corporations.

Upon arrival we lead the group to their luggage area and asked them to leave their bags and unnecessary things before going to Sepoc Beach Center where exciting team building facilities and mouth-watering food awaits.

We started the activities with an ice breaker cheer leading to boost their confidence.

Red Team

Pink Team

Blue Team

Yellow Team

First activity is Obstacle Relay with Sack Race along the shoreline of this beautiful beach resort in Batangas.

Second activity is Sand Castle with Sepoc Beach Center pristine white sand.

Last but the most exiting activity here in Sepoc Beach Center is our very own Fill in the Drums

9. Jgentech Enterprise

One of which who really enjoys summer company outing in Batangas resort is JGENTECH ENTERPRISE INC., They were consist of 130 participants. Arrived early in the morning and head straight to Sepoc Beach Center for their team building activities.

Upon arrival to Sepoc Beach Center they had a few minutes break before we start with the first team building activity.

First activity was Obstacle Relay

Second Activity is Tug-o-war

These gentlemen is doing their best to be able to win against each team.

Last activity is Fill in the Drums

10. Genpact Philippines

Eagle Point Beach Resort is a whole year summer destination for company outing, one of its happy and satisfied guest is the GENPACT PHILIPPINES who visited us for their 2018 annual team building and company outing.

They checked in their luggage on the designated area upon arrival and head straight to Sepoc Beach Center where team building facilities are waiting to challenge each of them and a sumptuous lunch buffet right in front of the majestic beach in Batangas.

They were divided into three teams equally.

First activity is Raft Making

With given material each team has to create a raft and make it float on the water with one person on it.

Next activity is the Obstacle Relay

And last but not the least, Fill in the Drums

No questions asked, they surely have fun!! Do you want to experience this fun under the sun in this famous beach in Batangas? Batangas beaches are indeed the busiest place during company outing season, no worries, we got what you are looking for. For inquiries and reservations feel free to contact us!


Thank you for reading!

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