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Best Affordable Batangas Beaches near Manila

It is that time of the year again to get up, go to the beach and bask under the sun. There are a number of beaches that you can visit with your family and friends this coming summer season. One of the places you can check out for stunning beaches is in Batangas. It is well known for beautiful and affordable beaches that is a few hours drive away from manila.

Since summer is normally a peak season for tourist and beach goers it is better to book your accommodation in advance. No need to worry because we have curated a list of affordable Batangas beaches that you can visit this summer. You and your family and friends are surely to enjoy an unforgettable summer vacation at one of this beaches near you.

  1. Sepoc Beach Center

Located in Mabini, Batangas  Sepoc beach center is a private and quiet beach that you can enjoy with your family and friends. This beach can be assessed by the guests of Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort weather you are staying for a day tour or an overnight stay you can have a great day trip at Sepoc Beach Center. The beach is just a 10-15 minutes boat ride away from the main resort where you can enjoy and discover the number of water activities that you can do with your family and friends. Sepoc Beach Center also houses a long stretch of white sand beach and a rare tree that the locals call Sepoc tree.

    Sepoc Beach Center is also well known for one of the famous dive spots in Batangas. It houses colorful coral reefs, a diverse marine life and if you are lucky you can even witness turtles nesting at the beach during nesting season. While you are at Sepoc Beach Center you can also enjoy a short hike to have a great vantage point of the whole stretch of the white beach and a view of the beautiful crystal clear ocean water that surrounds the area.

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    1. Nasugbu Beach

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    The town of nasugbu is known for a number of beach resorts that you visit. Along the town is Nasugbu beach which is usually occupied by beach goers and even local fishermen. Nasugbu Beach is also an entry way for tourist that are visiting fortune island.

    1. Fortune Island

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    An isolated island in the town of Nasugbu, Fortune island is surrounded by white sand and clear ocean water. The island is also famous for the Greek like ruins that you can find at the island. This is also a destination for cliff diving experience but of course you should be careful because waves tend to be strong in this part of the island.

    1. Pico De Loro Beach

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    An exclusive beach in nasugbu, Pico De Loro is a well known destination if you are in for a peaceful stay at the beach. This beach is surrounded by private residential condominium that you can stay at to have a private access of the beach.

    1. Munting Buhangin Beach

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    A long stretch of fine white sand, Munting buhangin beach is a great and affordable beach in batangas that you can enjoy with your whole family. Play around on the sand and the ocean while enjoying a variety of grilled dish that you can cook at the beach.

    1. Sunset Beach

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    The name speaks for itself, Sunset beach is one of the best look out points for a great sunset. This beach is located on one of the coves that is lining around the area of Nasugbu, Batangas.  This beach is also called Tali beach which is a famous point for cliff diving as well.

    1. Crescent beach

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    Crescent beach is one of the coves that is located in Punta Fuego area or also known as Point of fire. This area houses different coves that in total sums up to a flame shaped headline location thus the name of the place. The Crescent beach located in one of the coves is a private location where you can spend a quiet afternoon.

    1. Calatagan Beach

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    Calatagan Beach has a number of resorts surrounding its area. It is an affordable beach destination where you can enjoy a fine sand beach with your family. If you are into camping by the beach this is also one of the activities you can experience when you stay along Claatagan Beach.

    1. Manuel Uy Beach

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    Named after its owner, Manual Uy beach is a famous spot for beach goers to set up camp. This is one of the affordable Batangas beaches.

    1. Bauan Beach

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    Bauan beach is a stretch of beach that houses a number of different resorts that is located in the town of Bauan, Batangas. This location is also famous for an entry way for diving.

    1. Calaca Beach

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    Calaca is one of the town in batangas that has a line of resorts that you can enjoy with your family. Calaca beach, is covered with slightly dark fine sand and a beautiful ocean water. You can easily check out the beach and also enjoy the famous batanags lomi around the area.

    1. Mainit Beach

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    Mainit beach is one of the famous dive spots in Mabini, Batangas. There is a time where the beach is also famous for its hot springs where locals and tourist enjoy a hot bath. When you visit the beach you can still spot areas where there are small bubbles that steams from the ground.

    1. Anilao Beach

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    A diving destination, Anilao Beach is an entryway for famous dive spots along Mabini, Batangas. This beach is has a rocky shore that is famous for beautiful coral reefs and extensive marine life. There are a number of resorts where you can check in at the area and try out scuba diving as well.

    1. Majuben Beach

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    Majuben beach is also one of the beaches in Mabini, Batangas where you can enjoy scuba diving or free diving to discover the life underwater. However, there is one more activity that is famous for locals around the area and that is wind surfing. This is the perfect place for travelers that are open to discovering different water activities that you can enjoy.

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    1. Sombrero Island

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    As simple as its name Sombrero Island is a small island that is shaped like a hat which is translated as “Sombrero” hence the name of the island. This is a famous snorkeling spot for tourist and divers around the area.

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    1. Masasa Beach

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    Known for long white sand beach, Masasa Beach is a recently one of the growing famous batangas beaches. There are a number of activities you can enjoy at the beach and one of them is island hoping and you can also enjoy an affordable stay by camping out in a tent by the beach.

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    1. Isla Verde

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    Isla Verde is a beach that you can access through batanags port. If you enjoy a beach that is not crowded by tourist this is the beach for you. Due to its location and number of people traveling to this island there are very few boat trips you can catch if you are planning to go to the island so you should check the boat schedules by the port.

    Images Courtesy to Escape Manila

    1. Malabrigo Beach

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    There are a number of beautiful batangas beaches you can enjoy and Malabrigo beach is definitely one of them. Malabrigo beach is a famous beach destination due to the light house that is recently a famous spot for lovers and tourists.

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    1. Lobo beach

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    Lobo beach is covered with smooth pebbles and dark sand where you can relax and unwind. This beach might be different from the other batangas beaches due to the color of the sand it is still one of the best batangas beaches because of the surrounding clear ocean water and the peaceful surrounding of the beach.

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    1. Laiya Beach

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    Famous for its long stretch of fine white sand beach, Laiya Beach houses different private resorts where you can enjoy the fine white sand around the area.

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    1. Virgin Beach

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    Among the batanags beaches, Virgin beach is one of the beaches where you can enjoy a quiet trip with your family. It is a place where not much tourist have heard of so you are surly to enjoy a quiet time by the beach.

    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    1. Mahabang Buhangin Beach

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    Mahabang buhangin beach is the main beach destination in isla verde, batangas. This is one of the white beaches you can find in the isolated island called isla verde. Here you can discover the wonders and beauty of the life underwater.

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