Best Affordable Batangas Beach Resorts near Manila

During our everyday routine we just have a moment where we need a little bit of sunshine on our skin, sand between our toes and a breath of fresh air. We all need that much deserve break from work or form school. Luckily, we are surrounded by affordable beach resorts that we can easily access from the metro.

One of the closes destination for beach resort is in Batangas where you can find a number of white sand beaches and a diverse marine life that is perfect for your next relaxing vacation. Here is a list of the best beach resorts in Batangas that you can go to on your next vacation.

1. Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort

You are in for a treat weather you are into a quiet weekend with your family or an adventurous vacation with your friends, Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is the best destination for you. Truly a paradise beyond wilderness this beach resort is surrounded by lush green nature, the sound of the birds humming around and pure and fresh ocean air that you can breathe in. The resort offers a comfortable and relaxing accommodation with a private veranda where you can wake up right by the ocean.

    Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is surrounded by crystal clear ocean water where you can try scuba diving or even snorkel with a turtle which is just right in front of the resort. There are a number of activities you can do at the resort. One of which is a boat trip to the private beach of the resort which is called Sepoc Beach Center where you can enjoy a long stretch of white sand beach. There is a short trek at the beach where you can have the perfect view point of the whole beach.

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    2. Destino Beach Club Dive Resort And Hotel

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    A beach resort that offers you a picture perfect moment, Destino beach club dive resort and hotel has a wide view accommodation that opens up to a clear view of the ocean. It brings out a cozy and unique vibe where you can enjoy a stretch of fine white sand and a beautiful view of the sunset. The resort has a colorful exterior where you can capture your moments by the beach.


    3. Sabangan Beach Resort

    Exterior view

    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    Located in San Juan Batangas, Sabangan Beach Resort has an open sea view that is a perfect location to relax and unwind for the weekend. Sabangan is located on the long white beach of Laiya. The beach is covered with fine white sand where you can lounge and relax under the heat of the sun.


    4. Calayo Beach Resort


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    Besides the beautiful beach and ocean view you can enjoy, Calayo Beach Resort has an outdoor pool you can enjoy with your family. The resort is surrounded by traditional and quiet accommodation and it also offers a view of their in house garden. This resort is just a couple of hour drive away from the metro which is easily accessible.


    5. Palm Beach Resort


    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    A place for you to have a retreat away from the busy city, Palm Beach Resort offers a variety of water activities you can enjoy with your friends and family. The resort houses different variations of accommodation where you can enjoy a peaceful stay.


    6. The White Loft at Pueblo de Laiya

    Laiya Beach - 6.46 km from property

    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    Giving you that cozy and homey feel, The White loft at Puelbo de Laiya is your home away from home. The accommodation is located in the stretch of laiya beach where you can spend a lazy afternoon weekend with your family.

    7. Laiya Riviera Resort

    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    Laiya Riviera Resort offers you comfort and style when you stay at one of their accommodation it is like you have reached different parts of the country because their rooms is named after different provinces around the country. You can either enjoy the comfort of the beach or tour around the nearby attractions that they offer.


    8. La Luz Beach Resort and Spa


    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    If you opt for a romantic night at the beach or spend some quality time with your family, La Luz Beach Resort and Spa is for you. Surrounded by fine white sand beach this is the perfect destination that will satisfy your beach cravings. They offer great and clean accommodation that if fit for the whole family.


    9. Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel


    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    Easily accessible to many, Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel is the destination for your whole family. The beach is covered by cream colored beach where you can relax and just enjoy the sun and the ocean water. The beach can be crowded at times but still you can have a peaceful stay in one of their accommodation and you can also spend the afternoon at their in house pool.


    10. Bella Beach Resort


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    Located along the Matabungkay Beach, Bella Beach Resort a friendly atmosphere that is fit for your next vacation. Spend time sipping cocktails by the beach while relaxing under the sun. There is also a line of dishes you can order from their in house restaurant.


    11. White House Beach Front


    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    If you are into a private getaways with your family or friends, White House Beach Front offers an exclusive stay that will cater to your every need.


    12. Sun Rise Cove Beach Resort


    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    One of the affordable places you can stay at Calatagan, Batangas, Sun Rise Cove Beach Resort has everything you need for a family vacation. The resort offers a refreshing accommodation that will take you to a more traditional vibe at the beach.


    13. Stardust Beach Hotel

    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    Known of its simplicity, Stardust Beach Hotel has a modern and quiet environment where you can stay. It is just a few minutes away from Matabungkay Beach which is a popular destination for beach goers especially during the summer season.


    14. Binubusan Beach Hotel

    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    Binubusan Beach Hotel offers a unique accommodation that has different kinds of dome shaped rooms. It is the perfect place to capture some unique photos by the beach and even just within the resort. The whole area is surrounded by colorful designs that even lights up at night.


    15. Coral Beach Club


    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    One of the first Beach Resorts in Matabungkay, Coral Beach Club has been in service for a number of years. This destination offers a direct access to the beach where you can relax and take in the peaceful ocean water.


    16. Crusoe Cabins

    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    Experience a luxurious yet affordable stay at Crusoe Cabins located at Calatagan, Batangas. If you are into discovering different adventures this is the destination for you. They offer a number of different water activities from kayaking, jet skis, and even paddle boarding.


    17. Bagalangit Hideaways

    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    One of the diving locations in Batangas, Bagalangit Hideaways is located in Mabini Batangas where you can try out scuba diving and discover the life underwater. The area is known for a diverse marine life and colorful coral reefs.


    18. Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort

    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    Famous to divers, Saltitude Dive and Beach Resort is one of the resorts in Mabini, Batangas that offers course for scuba diving. This resort have the direct access to the beach where you can also enjoy wind surfing with your friends.


    19. Submarine Garden Beach Resort


    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    Located in the south of Batangas, Submarine Garden Beach Resort is on the stretch of Lobo Beach. It is different from other beaches because it is covered by rocky shore line. However, it is a famous destination for travelers due to the surrounding ocean water that houses beautiful marine life and coral reefs.


    20. Almalin Beach Resort

    Image Courtesy to Tripadvisor

    Only a couple of hours away from Batangas City, Almalin Beach Resort is a destination for both locals and travelers alike. Located on the side of culminating mountains of Calo and Hebangao, the resort is surrounded by refreshing air and beautiful nature.


    21. Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort

    Image Courtesy to Agoda

    A famous meet up point for lovers and friends, Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort is located near the Malabrigo Light house where a local series was filmed. This location is known for the peaceful surroundings where you can relax and unwind during the weekend.


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