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Activities for Team Building at Eagle Point Resort in Batangas

More engaged workers result from effective team building in a beautiful resorts in Batangas, which promotes a dynamic workplace atmosphere. Increasing employee morale can have a big impact on how the corporate culture is ingrained in their life and how well they connect with one another.

Planning a team building activity may be challenging, especially when some of the activities result in more scowls than high fives. These are some of the team-building activities you may participate in at Eagle Point Resort in Batangas because this beachfront resort is well aware of what you require.

Light and fun activities at the game hall

You can warm up their competitive spirits before you embark on your fun-filled excursion by playing something light. If your staff members are serious sports fans, allow them to relax with some billiards or table tennis activities. Since there are pools conveniently close to the gaming room, it will be simpler for your staff to simply jump in after an exciting session at the game room.



Start the official event with a pre-game like a kayak race after assigning your team to their designated accommodations. Kayaking is the ideal activity for combining collaboration, light exercise, and outdoor exploration. By using kayaks as the tools and the water as the working environment, the kayak race can also be seen as a metaphor for specific work processes. This will not only serve as the ideal icebreaker before the team building activities begin, but it will also provide them a chance to take a closer look at the immaculate beach.

Competitive games at the function room

Depending on the size of your team, you can select one of Eagle Point Resort’s four event rooms. As you play your carefully thought-out games in the function area of your choice, you might simply focus on increasing trust and enhancing communication among your workers. Relax while you enjoy the games without being concerned about the sweltering sun. In addition to overnight accommodations, free use of the meeting space, full-board meals, usage of an overhead projector, whiteboard markers, flip charts, pads of paper, and other supplies that you could ask for when making your reservation, renting a function room also includes these additional benefits.


Explore what makes Anilao world-class

No matter who you are with, having fun in the water is always a good time. Indescribable events are available at Eagle Point Resort to remember the greatest team building ever. Your team can take diving and snorkeling lessons to try and create priceless memories while you let them discover the rich marine creatures of the deep blue sea. If you don’t want to get up close and personal with any underwater wonders, you may always choose to go island hopping, which would make a great photo opportunity.

Through intense involvement with everyone, team building exercises aim to strengthen relationships, decision-making abilities, adaptability, logistics, and most significantly, communication. Eagle Point Resort ensures that you achieve those objectives without difficulty and offers a unique team-building experience that you will never forget. Send us a message to reserve the ideal team-building experience for you and your most valuable assets at Eagle Point Resort.


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