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Weekend Activities For Your Barkada Bonding In Batangas Beach Resort

Beach resorts in Batangas are the most popular choice for barkadas looking to have a good time together. The next best thing to do when you and your friends are bored of going out or partying is to organize a trip.

Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to think of the concept of spending some time with the sun, sand, and sea as the backdrop, but there’s more to beaches than just playing in the chilly water.

Here are a few barkada activities you may do at the beach to help make your excursion a truly fun-filled memory and enhance your bond:


Want to engage in a peaceful but not simple pastime with your friends? The best option is kayaking. Try it out and show off your amazing view of the ocean. But be warned—despite appearing simple, it involves a lot of upper body and leg muscles. not to mention your teamwork and coordination with the rest of your group.


Beach volleyball

Playing beach volleyball with your pals, whether you and they are seasoned players or beginners, is sure to be entertaining and hard. It’s entertaining to watch the different moves or hilariously unsuccessful serves that each of you can make in a single game set. In addition, you’re satisfying everyone’s competitive and athletic sides as well as making them happy.

Frisbee golf

Try this entertaining fusion instead of the standard frisbee game. You may set up various objects on the sand for this game that would act as targets. After that, it’s your turn to try to pitch the frisbee as closely as you can to the object. Play in teams and impose penalties on the loser!



This is a traditional city-based barkada game. But why not play this game somewhere more private where the only people you’re with are individuals you actually enjoy being with—your friends—instead of the loud, cigarette smoke-filled billiards establishments Manila is full of? You may always just head outside and enjoy the beach after a set because Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort has a game area with a pool table!

Scuba diving

Leaning Snorkeling

Of course, if you and your pals don’t experience scuba diving, this list won’t be complete! In light of the fact that you are already at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort, the best way to make your barkada trip special is to go diving! Dive into Anilao’s waters and experience the breathtaking sight of its vibrant and varied aquatic life. You may even snap the ultimate #squadgoal photographs by doing it underwater if your technology permits it!

Why not start organizing your next barkada trip now while staying at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort with the summer only a few weeks away? We’re not just full of enjoyable things you and your squad can do together, but Batangas’ proximity to the city also increases the likelihood that everyone will show up, and it won’t break the bank either!

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