Reasons Why You Need To Be In The Beach Right Now…

Reasons Why You Need To Be In The Beach Right Now…

Let’s face it, there’s more to a beach resort in Batangas trip than meets the eye. Science proved multiple times that the ocean provides a bunch of health-giving elements you can benefit from aside from water activities.

Going to The Beach Will Make You More Beautiful

Aside from getting a good amount of vitamin D from the sun, you can get antibacterial and detoxification
benefits by just simply visiting the beach. The sands at the beach does a wondrous job exfoliating and detoxifying hands, feet, and body – no need to spend a lot of money for body scrubs at luxurious spas. Sea and ocean water is full of minerals – like salt and potassium chloride – that are good for your skin and your hair. It also has antibacterial properties that destroys fungi and bacteria which cause breakouts.

Going to The Beach in Batangas Relieves Stress

According to studies, the sun and the waves of the sea works together to give a calming effect on your body
thus, relieving stress. Try to experiment and get out of your vehicle as soon as you arrived at your Batangas beach resort – do you feel lighter and happier? The sound of the waves crashing against the shore while relaxing with a good book or a refreshing beverage or simply lounging on a beach chair doing nothing are just some of the excellent ways of enhancing your sense of calm.

Going to The Beach Makes You Breathe Easier and Makes Your Sleep Better

You will notice a huge difference in breathing as soon as you reach the beach – this is because our bodies
automatically respond to the quality of the air in our surroundings. The air around the Batangas beaches area is charged with negative ions that work to increase oxygen absorption in the lungs. Negative ions also balance levels of
serotonin, a body chemical linked with mood and stress. Which is why after a holiday you feel more alert, relaxed and energized.

A day or two at the beach resort in Batangas has endless benefits, proven by science and prescribed by physicians worldwide. So if you are having a stressful week at work or just feeling a little less fantastic on a certain day, take some time off and hit the beach – it’s the doctor’s orders!


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