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6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Holding Your Company Outing at Eagle Point Resort

They say the key to a successful company is to have employees that are productive, efficient, and most of all, happy. And what better way to lift up the mood of your workers than to take them to a fun resort that has everything a group outing could need to make the moment a memorable one?

Here at Eagle Point Resort, our goal is to make you forget about the stresses of working life and let you have fun while connecting with your fellow workers. We understand that company outings should be a special memory—one you can look back to and talk about with a smile.

Below, we’re sharing with you the top 6 reasons why you should choose Eagle Point Resort as the destination for your company’s next outing:

1. See corals and fish in Sepoc Beach Center.

The beauty of the natural coral reef formations and the fish swimming around Sepoc Beach Center won’t fail to make an impression on you. This diving site makes Eagle Point one of the best beach resorts in Batangas, with a famous diving area that’s nestled between a large rock formation called Sepoc Point, along with another popular diving spot called Sepoc Wall. The waters are shallow but offer your team plenty of beautiful aquatic sights to unleash their inner adventurer.

There’s also an open dining area, function area, and bar that can accommodate as many as 100 people. For a more native experience, you can also choose to go under the nipa huts at the base of the hillside that’s near some charming stunted trees.

2. Eat like a true islander at Eagle’s Nest Restaurant.

Resorts in Batangas

The food selection at Eagle’s Nest Restaurant will remind you that fresh is always best, especially when it comes to our seafood specialties. And that’s not all. We offer a diverse selection of different cuisines on our menu so you have more options to delight your taste buds.

3. You can leave the team building activities to us.

Here at Eagle Point Resort, there’s plenty of activities for the whole team to enjoy. Why not have kayak races to the nearby Maricaban Island, or go on a scavenger hunt on the white sandy shores of Sepoc Beach? We can facilitate everything so the whole team can focus and reap the awesome benefits of team-building activities.

4. There’s plenty of room for larger groups.

Sepoc Island can easily fit more than 200 people, so you already have the perfect beach venue for whatever activities you have planned. And if you’re planning on staying the night, most of the accommodations come with a beautiful view of either the bay or the surrounding greenery. We also have villas and suites with kitchens if you want to hold a cooking competition to determine who among your team has what it takes to be the next Iron Chef.

5. Soak up in any of our 4 private pools.

Batangas Resorts with Pool

We have 2 pools on different levels that are connected by a slide that’s perfect for both children and adults. It’s surrounded by lush greenery, which is great for making the team feel re-energized.

There’s also the bathing pool, which is our newest addition, that’s quietly located at the South End of the resort where you get a great view of Sepoc, Maricaban, and Sombrero islands. And then there’s our reef pool which is below the double-level pool deck. Here, the team can practice snorkeling or scuba diving since it’s filled with saltwater and marine fauna.

6. Generate friendly competition in our game room.

You can organize a friendly game of billiards, darts, or table tennis in our game room. There’s also a satellite TV and good music playing in the background to keep everyone entertained and socializing. It’s the perfect venue to unwind after everyone has had their fill of the sun and sand.

Book your next company outing now at Eagle Point Resort

The resort isn’t just packed with fun stuff for the whole company to enjoy; it’s also strategically located in a spectacular diving spot while being only an hour’s drive away from Batangas City. So, what are you waiting for? Book your next company outing now and give your team an experience to remember here at Eagle Point Resort.


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