December is the Perfect Time for a Batangas Beach Wedding

Perfect Time for a Batangas Beach Wedding

Our country is a breathtaking archipelago blessed with more than 7,600 islands. This is why it is not surprising at all that the number of Filipinos opting to hold their special day at the beach is continuously growing.

And besides February and June, December is another favorite month for couples to tie the knot so we here at Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas thought it would be perfect to give you yet another reason to fall in love this Yuletide season. If you are still in the middle of planning your beach wedding, here are a few answers to why you should hold it on the last month of the year:

  1. The weather is great.

December is the perfect sweet spot between our country’s summer and rainy season which makes it the best month to hold an outdoor wedding. Just imagine- the light breeze and the soft waves crashing against the shore, the crystal waters seemingly meeting the blue skies on the horizon, and the sun setting to paint the view gold- now that’s a wedding backdrop everyone will surely remember. In December, you do not have to worry about strong winds or thunderstorms nor have to fret about you, your partner, and your guests feeling uncomfortable sticky and sweaty because of the sun.

  1. Venue and room rates are lower.

Batangas Beaches wedding destinations like what we have here at Eagle Point Resort in Batangas typically publish lower rates when it’s not peak season. Since December is commonly dubbed as the coldest month of the year (at least here in the Philippines), beach outings are not that popular so booking rates are much lower. We suggest going for the first two weeks of December because you might see a spike on prices during Christmas and New Year week.

  1. Beaches are not crowded.
    Like we have mentioned on the previous item of the list, December is not really peak season so you can expect to have a little more privacy on your beach wedding day. Holding a wedding on this month means you not having to lose sleep thinking about strangers making a noise or running around inadvertently on the background of your big day. Of course, if you have the budget for it, you could always book the whole resort.

  1.  It’s all natural.
    We’re not just talking about the month itself but the destination as well. Holding beach weddings or destination weddings can cut a lot of costs on your design because you can just let nature do wonders on your special day. Our suggestion is for you to keep your wedding decor minimalist so everyone, including you and your spouse-to-be, can just focus on how amazing the day is! Believe us, the sun, sand, sea, and sky are enough to make your beach wedding day as beautiful as your ceremony.

    There you go! We hope you have a wonderful time on your wedding day and that you choose Eagle Point Beach and Diving Resort in Batangas as witness and venue to your first day as a married couple!


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