A Diver’s Dream: Improving Your Diving Skills

A Diver’s Dream: Improving Your Diving Skills

The average person who’s experienced diving in The Philippines returns to the area for an average of ten trips each, according to The Philippine Department for Tourism. With over 7000 islands, 40,000 square kilometers of coral reefs and a rich variety of marine life, The Philippines is a diver’s paradise, and the beautiful province of Batangas is a great base to start your explorations from.

Why dive in Batangas?

Whatever it is you want to explore, you’ll find it in Batangas. From caves to The Coral Gardens Reef to a diverse array of marine life, there’s something to excite everyone. Whether you’re a novice or a beginner looking to reach the next level, this is one of the best places to hone your skills, with a huge range of dives and courses available. Anilao Batangas beach resorts are particularly known for its muck diving, and seahorses, cuttlefish, and shrimp are just some of the macro life you’ll see. One of the best ways to improve your diving is to challenge yourself, so if you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time.


Train, practice, enjoy

With some of the world’s best instructors available, taking a course in Batangas beaches is a great way to level up as a diver. If you’re a beginner, find a course to introduce you to the basics and build your confidence so you can begin your adventures. If you’re a bit more experienced, take a course that will teach you more advanced skills, opening up your options to even more exciting explorations. While it’s possible to take diving courses all over the world, few enable you to see as much as you can in The Philippines. Here, learning it and living it are rolled into one. You might also consider getting scuba certified while you’re here: ask your instructor for more details. Becoming fully certified will enable you to access all the region has to offer.

Tips to improve your diving

With organized adventures and courses galore, you won’t be on your own as you explore the ocean around Batangas. But if you really want to improve your technique, it’s worth having some background knowledge in your arsenal. Make sure you’re familiar with your equipment and you’ve practiced using it – your safety is important, and you want to be able to focus on the sights while you’re underwater. Perfect your kicking and breathing style to get full control over your buoyancy. Watch other people: you can learn a lot from more experienced divers and incorporate these things into your own diving. Know your own abilities: by all means, do everything you can to get better, but make sure you’re ready for each new experience you attempt. Whether you want to brush up on your knowledge before you arrive, or focus your beach time reading on diving, there are many great diving books and guides available to help you develop your practice.

The Philippines is known for its riches when it comes to diving, making it the perfect location for learning, improving and enjoying. Diving here at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort in Batangas will be an experience you’ll never forget, and you’re bound to want to come back for more.



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