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The Famous Batangas Beach | Sepoc Beach Center

Sepoc Beach Center on Maricaban Island is an ideal destination for travelers and tourists who want to unplug and spend an entire day basking in the sand, sea, and sky. This beach resort in Batangas is just a 3-hour drive away from Manila, making it a perfect location for weekend warriors and leisurely endeavors like family getaways, company outings, or solo travel.

White-sand beach, verdant surroundings, crystal clear waters, and thriving marine life—these elements make Sepoc Beach Center a postcard-perfect destination. This quiet beach is actually a narrow peninsula nestled between a rock outcrop called Sepoc Point and sloping hills. It would only take you 5 minutes on foot to cross Sepoc Beach Center at its narrowest point.

The wide, white beach in front of the resort is composed of small coral pieces that have been polished by the waves. Behind it are traditional nipa huts and a wooded area that local birds call home. Follow a short path to the back of the beach and you’ll find another beach, one that’s made up of rocks and larger pieces of corals. While this beach is not quite friendly to swimmers, it offers breathtaking views. From here, you can take great pictures of the nearby Sombrero Island, which got its name from its hat-like shape. From the main beach, you can also follow a path leading up a hill that separates Sepoc Beach Resort from the rest of Maricaban Island. This will take you to Sepoc Viewpoint and present you with views of Sepoc Beach and the surrounding water and landforms.

Sepoc Beach Center is owned and managed by Eagle Point Resort, and the facilities found on it are exclusively available to the Batangas beach resort’s guests.

How do you get to Sepoc Beach Center?

    Sepoc Beach Center is located on Maricaban Island in Anilao, Batangas. It is only accessible by boat because of its location and geographical features. The boat ride from Eagle Point Resort to Sepoc Beach Resort takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Guests coming from Manila can drive or commute to the Batangas beach resort.

    If driving, take the SLEX, then STAR Tollway until you reach Batangas City. At the rotunda at the end of the STAR Tollway, cross the Manila-Batangas Highway and take the Diversion Road to Batangas International Port. After about 3.5 kilometers, turn right under the overpass and take the Batangas-Balayan Highway to Bauan. After about 3.8 kilometers, turn left after Manghinao Bridge and head to Mabini. After 9.5 kilometers, turn right at the Mabini rotunda and head to Anilao. After 1.7 kilometers, turn left on the coastal road in Anilao toward Barrio Bagalangit. After 8.8 kilometers, turn right on the private road to Eagle Point Resort. Once you’ve parked your vehicle, ride a free shuttle that will take you to the reception area. The road leading to the reception area is steep and narrow, and only resort shuttles are allowed to use the said road.

    If commuting, head to a bus terminal in Buendia, Cubao, or Alabang and catch a bus bound for Batangas City. Get off at Batangas City Bus Terminal and transfer to a jeep to Mabini that will take you to Anilao Port. From the port, you can ride a tricycle that will take you to the resort.

    You can arrange a trip to Sepoc Beach Center with Eagle Point Resort. The resort offers day tour packages that include lunch and boat rides to and from the beach.

    What amenities can be found on Sepoc Beach Center?

    Sepoc Beach Center is an idyllic ‘island’ getaway; you won’t find shops, restaurants, or similar facilities in the area. The only man-made structures you’ll see on this side of Maricaban Island are the nipa huts and toilet and shower.

    The most noticeable structure on the beach is the large, open-air nipa hut. This hut has tables and chairs where you can eat lunch or snacks. There are also small huts on the beach, between the stunted trees, and a watchtower where you can get network signal if needed. The network signal on the other parts of the beach is spotty at best.

    To the side of the large nipa hut is an outdoor shower, and behind it is a concrete structure where you can find restrooms. On slow days, you can put up hammocks between the large nipa hut’s foundations and while the day away while being lulled to sleep by the calm breeze.

    How many people can the beach accommodate?


    The big hut can comfortably seat 60 to 100 people all at the same time, but the beach itself has enough room for more people. This makes Sepoc Beach Center an ideal place for large events like company outings, family reunions, team building activities, and other group events. The beach and its surrounding areas can be used as a venue for relays, races, games, and other team-building activities.

    On the other hand, small groups, backpackers, and solo travelers can get the full tropical-island experience during their visit. The facilities on the beach are for the exclusive use of the resort’s guests, so there’s only a limited number of people on the beach at any time. You won’t have to deal with huge crowds during peak season; if you’re lucky, during off-peak season, you can even have the beach all to yourself.

    Can you stay overnight on Sepoc Beach Center?

    Currently, guests are only allowed to stay on the beach during the day. There are no facilities on the beach for accommodating overnight stays, and camping and sleepovers are not allowed. However, visitors can head to Sepoc Beach Center in the morning and head back to Eagle Point Resort at noon or after lunch.

    Guests who are staying the night at Eagle Point Resort have a selection of well-appointed accommodations at their fingertips. We have 40 spacious deluxe rooms and 32 terrace rooms at The Terrace Hotel, single and 2-bedroom cottages, native cabanas, 2-story suites, and villa suites. Our rooms and suites have modern amenities that will help ensure a restful sleep, as well as views of the sea or the surrounding greenery.

    Sepoc Beach Center and the best diving and snorkeling spots in Anilao are just a few minutes away by boat from these accommodations.

    What activities can you do while on and around Sepoc Beach Center?

    Coming back to nature is a therapeutic experience, even for digital natives. Network signal on the beach is spotty at best, which can be an opportunity for visitors to totally unplug from the internet, if only for a few hours. There are plenty of activities here that can help you blow off steam, relax, and recharge.

    The beach is wide enough to accommodate relay races and team games like volleyball. While building sandcastles can be tricky with the kind of sand that Sepoc has, young children can still build forts and tunnels here. You can also head to the beach at the back for a view of Sombrero Island, or take the 15-minute trek to Sepoc Viewpoint to get great pictures of the beach.

    The water surrounding Sepoc Beach Center is teeming with life. Verde Island Passage, which is located between Batangas and Mindoro, has been declared by marine biologists as “the center of the center of marine shorefish biodiversity” due to the abundance of different marine species in the area. Sepoc Beach, likewise, is home to smaller fish and is frequented by bigger fish. There’s plenty of room for swimming here, but you can also go snorkeling to get a good view of the creatures that call these waters home. A holiday on the beach is also a perfect opportunity to teach young kids how to interact confidently with water and care for marine creatures.

    If you’re an avid swimmer or diver, you can bring your own gear or rent from Eagle Point Resort and go on a diving trip. The Batangas beach resort offers different diving packages, and Sepoc Beach Center is surrounded by fantastic diving sites. Sepoc Wall, located west of Sepoc Point, has an average depth of 50 feet and features coral gardens, with a wall that drops to 90 feet. Southwest of Sepoc Point is Mapating Rock, a site for experienced divers, which is frequented by many kinds of fish. There are plenty of other diving spots near Sepoc Beach Center and Eagle Point Resort that you can explore, depending on your level of experience.

    You can also kayak along the shore or go island hopping and explore the nearby beaches and coves. The resort also has a glass-bottom boat that can help you see underwater without getting yourself wet.


    There’s plenty to see and do while on Sepoc Beach Center. It’s entirely up to you if you want to have an idyllic island holiday or one where you get to do a lot of fun nature activities with your friends and colleagues. For bookings or more information about Sepoc Beach Center in Anilao, send us a message through our Contact Us page or email