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Snorkeling in Anilao, Batangas

Not far from the pristine and secluded beaches of Eagle Point Resort is a rich coral reef garden bursting with aquatic species and vegetation. The clear and calm waters host colorful species of fish, wildlife and corals, which are everything you’ll need for an exciting snorkeling experience.

Snorkeler’s Paradise in Batangas

The beauty of staying in our resort is you won’t need to ride a boat to go on a snorkeling activity in Batangas’ fantastic reefs. All you need is a mask with a snorkel and a pair of fins and you’re ready to jump right into the diving spot in the piers skirting the resort. If you don’t have your own equipment, you may rent them at reasonable rates from the Dive Shop.

This easy access to snorkeling sites makes Eagle Point Resort a famous getaway for families and an ideal company outing venue in Batangas. The snorkeling spot, which we call “Canyon Land,” offers just the right depth and undercurrent to spend hours of floating and taking in the great variety of sea life. It is recommended for people who are afraid of the deep blue sea.

Snorkeling at the Islands

  • Sombrero Island – Our guests can enjoy exclusive access to the iconic Sombrero Island. The western side of the island features a spectacular coral reef garden.
  • Sepoc & Cemetery Beach, Maricaban Island – Eagle Point Resort owns part of the Maricaban Island to give our guests exclusive access to this snorkeler’s paradise. The variety of sea life, enchanting crevices, and a serene white-sand beach stretching along the island are truly incredible.

The Eagle Point Resort is not only a diver’s paradise, it is also the ideal destination for reef snorkeling and a host of fun activities. On top of that, you can spend the night dining and partying at Eagle’s Nest Bar and Restaurant and relaxing in a luxurious accommodation.

Enjoy all this and more at Eagle Point Resort. Get in touch with us today and book your getaway.

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Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort is the Leading Scuba Diving, Leisure & Family Resort in Anilao Batangas. You can also watch the Season 2 of Pantaxa reality show that was filmed in this Batangas beach resort.




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